Single Machine Setup

My question

Can i setup

1. Lora Gateway Bridge
2. Lora server
3. Lora App Server

on single Ubuntu machine and send static message using MQTT to server for testing purpose.

Is that possible?
if possible please guide me using steps.


Please check the guides at Some of these describe how to setup the LoRa Server projecto on a single machine.

Thanks @brocaar

I see guides and installed all components on single Ubuntu 14.04 machine but for testing i need lora device or i can simple pass static message through MQTT to LoraServer


When you’re testing your LoRaWAN network, a LoRaWAN device might be helpful :wink: You can simulate these messages, but you will have to build your own simulator. I suggest to start easy and buy a LoRaWAN device.

Thanks @brocaar

I will build own simulator. but how can i build simulator? (Which Technology used or some specification) need help documentation