stm32L4/Cube_LRWAN_V1.3.1/ OTAA fail

hi everyone
I am new to chirpstach, I installed the server recently.
I am having a hard time finding the write config for OTAA.
I am using a multitech mlinus gateway and an stm32L4 with an sx1272.
after adding the keys on the server, I get this error :

  • error:“join-server returned error: response error, code: MICFailed, description: invalid mic”
    I read some similar topics here and I tried to use LSB and MSB.
    did someone used an stm32L4 with Cube_LRWAN_V1.3.1 and received the data correctly.?
    I will appreciate any help in the matter.thx

Please see, it contains a bit more info about onboarding devices and possible errors.