Support multiple sensor configurations with single GW (different DR min/max)

We have to integrate a sensor which has two different revisions, the first revision uses DR 2-5, the second revision only DR 4-5. It is possible to support both revisions with a single gateway device?
Probably a custom ADR Plugin could help. Or is there any other simpler approach possible?
Normally we would need two different service profiles to support these DRs, and a gateway device can only be mapped to a single service profile

probably I misunderstood the gateway configuration, because service profile is optional. So the sensor device will get the corresponding service profile by assigned application? But in which case the gw must have set a service profile?

It would be clearer if the different properties were grouped on the settings page of the service profile, whether they are used for the GW or the device. Since both would be possible, one is not 100% sure.

EDIT: OK if I look on all possible use cases (like sensor event is received by multiple gateways), the DataRate values can only be used from device service profile. Initially I was thinking only about the use case where one gw is receiving sensor infos, because then it would be possible to use gw service profile settings for processing the device events. And its a little bit strange/misleading, that the gw has different values set in his service profile

Please note that for ChirpStack v4, this configuration has been re-structured exactly for this reason as it was a bit confusing :slight_smile: