Tektelic Asset Tracker - Attempting to Join to Chirpstack Server

Hey all,

I’m having troubles with getting my Tektelic Asset Trackers to report to my Chirpstack network server.

  1. I’ve created the device profile with the following:
    Device-profile Name:
    Lorawan Mac Version: 1.0.3
    LoRaWAN Regional Paramters Revision: B
    ADR Algorithm: Default ADR Algorithm
    Max EIRP: 30
    Uplink Interval (Seconds): 86400

  2. Created the application with a name referencing to this group of trackers.

  3. Added the device with the provided

  • Device EUI
  • Keys (OTAA) > Application Key
    Note that the APPEUI that was given to me was not entered as I don’t think this is required.

My Moko Gateway is online and reporting home but I am unable to get these asset trackers to call home. I have other branded asset trackers and I can see their uplink packets coming through.

I’ve looked through the documentation here:

I’ve performed the startup sequence with holding a magnet over the trigger for greater than 3 seconds and less than 10 seconds. Green LED just blinks repeatedly

I believe it is stuck on the JOIN procedure.

I’m not sure if I’m missing a step.