Time sync behavior of LNS and station

When using basic station, I am curious how the “time sync” works with the LNS (if at all)

Setup: MT Conduit, fwver 5.3.0
Basicstation enabled
LNS: 3.12.0-test.1

I constantly get the following messages in basic station log:
“Time sync rejected: quality=16162 threshold=365”

Is this time sync between the LNS and station? I am curious how this plays with the LNS, and what ideas or steps to take in attempting to debug this issue?

I read a bit more on this, specifically here:

From what I read, this is NOT a message that has to do with the LNS at all.

What about this message from basicstation:
[SYN:DEBU] Timesync #376 sent to server

I assume this is completely different from the other “time sync” which is only synching from the MCU/basic station to the SX1301