Treating data with application server

I am new with chirpstack. I still do not know what the application server is capable of. In my case I want to do some treatments on the data received from the sensors and stocked on the database (temperature , humidity ) like calculating the average of the temperature over 24 hours. I want to know if the chirpstack application server is capable to do that if not it is possible to add an application code to the application server source code?.
Thank you !

I’m a novice like you and I have the same problem as you.I just want make a local server.It can help me get some data from a gataway modules.But maybe it need get full progect.In my opinion ,it only needs ChirpStack Gateway Bridge.I donot know how to do it.I hope you can give me some advice. THANKS!!!


Chirpstack is not designed to treat data.
Its scope is to manage LoRa networks and transport the data (payload) from the devices to the server in a reliable way.

Treating, analysing or using data is made afterwards, in applications built for the purposes that you require, and to send the data from Chirpstack to any other place you can use Integrations.

An useful application to visualize and play with data is Grafana, so you could check its documentation to install it and make an integration from Chirpstack to Grafana

Thank for your help.Maybe I need to find some other solution to this problem.Do you know where I can find the code related to data parsing? Thank you again for your help.

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What do you mean by

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