Unsuccessful FUOTA Deployment

Hi Brocaar,

We started using Chirpstack in one of our Lora projects with electric meters. One of the requirements that we’re failing on is the FUOTA. After so many tries, we still didn’t get a successful deployment on a single device. Here are the errors that we usually receive in the App UI:

  1. “The device failed to provision the remote multicast setup.”
  2. “The device failed to provision the fragmentation session setup.”
  3. “Device did not complete the FUOTA deployment or did not confirm that it completed the FUOTA deployment.”

We’re operating in Australian band (AU915_928)
Gateway is Tektelic Kona Macro

Hello @JED,

I am trying FUOTA on L-Tek FF1705 board.
I too am getting the below error:

The device failed to provision the remote multicast setup.

Did you find any solution?
Any update on this would be of great help.


Hi Rahul,

No, I haven’t had any answers regarding this yet. We’re still stuck on this part where the server fails to send the fragments to the device. This I think should take place after the multicast and fragmentation setup but it’s not happening. The error is the same as yours.

Are you guys switching the device to Class C before you set up your FUOTA session ? If your device is in Class A then the device has to transmit to open the Rx window and do so exactly when the server sends the multicast setup request.