Updating Loraserver 2.8.2 to newest Chirpstack version


  1. Is there a (recommended) way to update a whole Loraserver v2 infrastructure all the way to the newest Chirpstack version?

  2. If there is no way to achieve this, would it at least be possible to migrate the databases so they can be used with the new Chirpstack version?

  3. I suspect our gateways to require an update too when updating to Chirpstack. We run several gateways (mainly Kerlink iBTS Compact and iFemtoCell) with LoRa Gateway Bridge v2.7.1 and the old v2_json deprecated payload marshaler. We should be fine when we just install the newest IPK and setup the MQTT backend?


Please use the search, there is a v2 to v3 topic on the forum. Also the changelogs contain a lot of information with regards to steps required to upgrade.