Use Gateway as Uplink for other Gateway(s)

Hi, i’m not sure but as i can imagine that one gateway can act as uplink for other gateways without network uplink. is there any documentation out there that will cover this scenario? i have already found some hints to set “iPol” to false but no more details, so i do not know the complete workflow the setup this.

regards, volker.

no. it can’t LoRaWAN do not act as mesh network

okay, and what is the thing about “iPol”? what does it do?

The iPol inverts the polarization of the modulation. With this, by default gateways don’t see each others downlinks (as you would expect). But it could indeed be used for gateway to gateway communication by inverting the polarization of the signal.

so this is the point. how can i do this in detail? just set the iPol option and the gateway will act as relay to all the other gateways around? so how does the gateway know that it should re-shout the incomming packages?

When sending to an end-node, the iPol is set to true if I’m not mistaken. So setting it to false means it will not be seen by devices but by other gateways (like it was sent by a device). How you want to implement the “re-shout” is something that you have to implement yourself, this is not standard functionality that is available in packet-forwarder.