Using a gateway to send data as a "device"


I wondering to know if is it possible to set up the Packet Forwarder from Github to receive packets from others LoRa Gateways behaving as Node and forwarding the incoming LoRa packets to a LoRa Server? I know that probably it s necessary to change the polarity from these packets in the software, but I don’t know how to do it.


Please see the iPol comment at:

Thank you for the information, but what I want is a gateway receving packets from others gateways behaving like a node and forwarding these incoming packets to a server. I know that it is necessary to revert the polarity, but where does exactly inside the packet forwarder can I modify the polarity to receive the packets from other gateways ?

That is exactly what the iPol is doing :slight_smile:

i recently tried your link, but the link did not worked
I’m trying to receive Downlink Messages from other Gateways with my own Gateway.
But i cant invert the polarity to receive them.
Can you help me