Using lora-gateway-bridge to manage a node

Hi there,
First of all, thanks and respect to Mr. Brocaar for this fantastic job and this fantastic support !

I have a question : I want to “create” a node, using a BeagleBone Green and a Lora concentrator. This node will receive data from a sensor that is using MQTT to publish its readings.

Hence the (mad ?) idea that was born in my mind : is it possible to use the lora-gateway-bridge to make the interface between the Mosquitto broker (that will be running on my Beaglebone) and the Lora concentrator, exactly like when you need to send downlink payloads ?

The sensor would publish a message on a topic, an homemade script would turn it into a gateway/xxx/tx message and the lora-gateway-bridge would transfer it to the Semtech packet forwarder for broadcasting.

If it is possible, it seems that I would have also to install an instance of the loraserver and a lora-app-server to manage the encryption of the payload. I would create a unique application and node (with the right keys) on those instances and I would register my node on my main lora-app-server running on my computer.

Why such a complicated idea ? Because I can deploy the full LoraServer on a Beaglebone in 3 minutes… So it’s like using a jackhammer to crush a nut but it’s quick for a PoC.

Where am I wrong, if I’m wrong ?

Thanks in advance !

Yes, basically what you want is to either create your own LoRaWAN frames or just operate on the LoRa layer (and bypass the LoRaWAN protocol completely). To create your own LoRaWAN frames, please see: Note that when sending data to the gateway/.../tx topic, you’re requesting the packet-forwarder to send a LoRa (or FSK) modulated slice of bytes. What you put in this slice of bytes is up to you.

Have fun experimenting! :slight_smile: