Using mqtt topic "gateway/+/config" to change gateway's channel config

I’m using two gateways, a Tektelic Pico and a Multitech Conduit. Both are set up to forward packets to my Loraserver, and both seem to work correctly on the lorawan_conf.json (for Tektelic) and global_conf.json (for the Multitech) channels that I have given them (standard US902-928 channels 8-15).

When I have the Gateway Profile set to US channels 8-15 (essentially making it redundant), they work as expected. If I change the Gateway Profile to channels 16-23 or to simply channel 63 (for testing purposes), they don’t receive my test transmissions on those channels (which I have checked using SDRSharp to ensure that they’re broadcasting on the right frequencies for those channels). Instead, they receive transmissions on the original channels 8-15.

I can monitor the mqtt channel “gateway/#” and I can see that the config messages are being sent correctly to each gateway, along with the different set of channels if I change the Gateway Profile. The config messages do correspond to the new channels on the Gateway Profile, not the ones in the original config files. This doesn’t seem to have an effect on the gateways, though, since they only seem to listen on the channels in their config files, and don’t alter anything based on a changing Gateway Profile. (No local_conf.json is created on the Multitech GW.)

I’m hoping it’s something very obvious that I’m missing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This is not going to work on the Pico gateway (as you can’t run the LoRa Gateway Bridge on the gateway), but it does on the Conduit (given that you install the LoRa Gateway Bridge on the Conduit). Make sure this feature is also configured in the LoRa Gateway Bridge configuration. See:

Thank you! This works correctly now.

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