V3 to V4 using docker

Hello, the migration tool has a tutorial for docker? It is possible to migrate, or it is only with native install? The docummentation did not refer to it. Thanks.

Most likely you could run it using Docker, but I have not tried it and I do not have documentation for this.

How can we migrate a Chirpstack 3 server that has been installed according to the ‘Getting started’ to Chirpstack 4.

This is important to us because we have several servers that are currently running on Chirpstack 3 and which we want to migrate to Chripstack 4.

Is this possible with a Docker-compose install?

The v3 to v4 migration utility reads from the v3 databases and writes into the v4 databases.
You have to make sure that the utility can connect to these databases and you should be good to go.

Hi, works fine with docker, it was a matter of exposing the ports used by docker.