V4 missing gw meta data (f.e. GW Name)

anyone else face the issue that the gateway name is missing in rxInfo?:

Before the migration from v3 to v4 the gateway name was a part of rxInfo.
Is there a chance to manually edit the meta data from each gw to add the name this way?

I tried to add the gw name in a tag field:

with no result - for what exactly is the tag option?

Sorry if i should answer the questions myself or if i miss something, but i cant find any current hint
to solve it.

Thanks in advance.

The gateway name was already dropped in the latest v3 version, please see the v3 UplinkRxInfo definition here:

with no result - for what exactly is the tag option?

Some companies integrated ChirpStack into their own platform (using the API) and in some cases they need to store additional key / value data in the gateway object. The tags feature makes this possible :slight_smile:

Hi @brocaar,

in this case i didnt run the latest v3 :slight_smile: Sorry.
So there will be no opt-in to activate gateway name again?
Tags are only available via the api then if i got it right?
Main reason is to save the gw name in the db for better readability, without the gw name in the packet, there must be an additional query - maybe via api?!

Thanks for your answer - and so far v4 works like a charm, great work!

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