Verification of GPS location

Hi folks,
We’ve been puzzling over live frames with our new gateways (Multitech MTCDTIP-220L-915s) fitted with GPS. Looking at the live frames arriving at the server we see location details which appear to be correct - but it shows “source: UNKNOWN”. Indicating a zero in the relevant field.

I’m just wondering if I’ve missed something in the setup - or if this is just something odd with the (I’m assuming) multitech-packet-forwarder. Expectation is that it should show GPS as the source.

We’ve removed any reference to the fake gps values in the global.json just to be sure it’s not picking it up from there.

We’re still running version 2 server currently but planning to upgrade to version 3… might this fix the problem ?


I believe in version 3, you should see GPS as source: