What software is used for REST Backend Service and Frontend


I am curious which software was used to create:

  • the local web apllication backend service for with REST endpoints (Express, Flask,…???)

  • it looks like a React was used for the web frontend

The reason for my question is that I developed a Trusted Linux Platform based on a secure MPU SAMA5D27 Shield96. I would like to extend and adaopt the webinterface front- and back-end features in some way (adding IP settings and other things releated to security).
The platform supports security by design and is bundled with Sequitur Labs EmSPARK Security Suite.
(Secure Boot/Update, secure enclave in TrustZone to protect all kind of secrets like AES, ECC, RSA Keys,…secure TLS communication, detection of physical tampers & malware injection, and many more)
See pic below of a first fly wired approach with same Secure MPU and LoRaWAN concentrator radio card

You will find all the source here https://github.com/brocaar/chirpstack-application-server :slight_smile: