Why can I see realtime lorawan frames in gateway window but can't see in applications window

My screen :

nothing in application window

but the frame can be shown in gateway window

Can somebody tell me what’s wrong?

the frame in gateway window

What you see in the gateway window are the frames that are received by the gateway, this includes data from your devices, but also neighboring networks.

The data under the application window are frames that belong to the given device and passed the security checks (frame-counter did increment, MIC is valid).

I can confirm that there is only one network at this place ,because I can only see the device I registered on the server.
the frame-counter did increment ,too .

the MIC I can’t check now ,but the device is very near the gateway, the rssi is strong.

the previous frame is :

It is the problem of frame-counter, I had restart the sensor, so the frame-counter re-start from 0, but on the server frame-counter is much larger than the re-started sensor can reached in a long time . So when re-start the frame-counter didn’t increase for a long time . I can’t see the packets in the application. When I revised the frame-counter to 0, and re-activate the sensor , it works well .

You can disable Frame counter validation.
By right, I think LoRaWAN should reset the counter to 0 after a successful OTAA.

Yes, it works for two devices.
But, one sensor which using battery didn’t work, it’s frame-counter doesn’t restart from 0。

in the application ,there is no new record.