Why should gRPC UplinkEvents only be used for debugging

Hi everybody,

as I am working on an Chirpstack LoRaWAN adapter for a DLT I would like to control the Application Server by using a gRPC stub which works great by the way.
However I came across the following comment in the device.proto file which I use to stream any uplink events:

// StreamFrameLogs streams the uplink and downlink frame-logs for the given DevEUI.
// * These are the raw LoRaWAN frames and this endpoint is intended for debugging only.
// * This endpoint does not work from a web-browser.
** rpc StreamFrameLogs(StreamDeviceFrameLogsRequest) returns (stream StreamDeviceFrameLogsResponse)**

Why should I use this service for debugging only? Is this a security issue?
In the past I have used MQTT Clients to subscribe to those events, but would prefer to make my own C++ integration.

Thanks for you help.


It is there to support the live frames in the web-interface, but there is no guarantee that the API remains the same. If you want to make a C++ integration, then I would recommend either use it together with MQTT, expose it as HTTP integration, integrate with one of the Pub/Sub integrations.

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