1 gateway and 2 Lora-servers

Hello, dear Brocaar. Is it possible for a Gateway to send packets to 2 different LoRa App Servers? If “yes”, how to do it?

Thank you for your time, Stepan

maybe this helps you to understand
app server connects to network server, network server connects to gw bridge, gateways packet forwarder connects to gw bridge.
describe your question in details what you actually mean. app server or something else;

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Actually I have 2 Lora App Servers and 1 gateway with a packet forwarder and a Bridge on it. Then I have a MQTT broker. Is it possible to connect the broker to my 2 Lora servers?

Thank you

and how many network servers?

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The ChirpStack Packet Multiplexer utility forwards the Semtech packet-forwarder UDP data to multiple endpoints. It makes it possible to connect a single LoRa gateway to multiple networks. It is part of ChirpStack.

Thank you. We’ll test it.


Hello there, I checked the packet multiplex and it looks great!

I followed the installation procedure but almost at the end, when editing the config file, such file is nowhere to be found… the chirpstack-packet-multiplexer command does run, and adding the configfile option does show the default config…

But I can’t find the .toml, nor is it located under /etc/chirpstack-packet-multiplexer as suggested in the Readme of the GIT and also by the command in the instalation procedure…

Any hints on this one? Created and issue on the repo.