4.7 MQTT issue (I/O: connection closed by peer)

after upgrading to version 4.7 I have issue with running chirpstack - it cannot connect to MQTT broker:
Mar 15 08:30:19 f4 chirpstack[14044]: #033[2m2024-03-15T08:30:19.612872Z#033[0m #033[31mERROR#033[0m #033[2mchirpstack::integration::mqtt#033[0m#033[2m:#033[0m MQTT error #033[3merror#033[0m#033[2m=#033[0mI/O: connection closed by peer

The broker is mosquitto running on localhost (version 1.5.7), gateway bridge can connect with no issues.

According changelog, there are significant changes in mqtt, there seems to be some issue with backward compatibility

Is it possible to download older version packages so I can get chirpstack working meanwhile ?

Thanks. Tomas

FYI - after upgrade of mosquitto to 2.0.11 the system now works fine

Please note that Mosquitto 1.5.7 is quite outdated (2019) which does not have MQTT 5 support. MQTT 5 was added in v1.6.0 (also released in 2019).