4G Connection in Gateway OS

Hi ,

So I have got a few issues regarding Gateway OS. Since I have installed Gateway OS for IMST iC880A board which supports a 4G Modem. I was wondering how can I enable 4G inside the Gateway OS?

I did the necessary steps by adding ppp to the Gateway OS image. After this I was able to access the ppp utlitity, and using AT commands I was also successful in switching on the 4G Modem. Through a script, I was able to run the ppp0 interface, as on checking through ifconfig command, it showed ppp0 interface was up and running and also an IP address was allotted to it.

But the internet through the 4G did not turn ON i.e. I could not ssh through that allotted IP and also ppp0 was not receiving or sending any packets. Also, ppp0 was not able to ping to any IP.

If anybody can give me a solution for this, that would be great!
Thank you!

I have never tested with 4G and the Gateway OS, so I don’t have an answer to your question. One thing which might help is that connman is used for network and wifi configuration. You could look into that :slight_smile:

Please let me know when you have found a solution for this. Could be great to add to the documentation :slight_smile: (+ potentially add needed packages to the images).