923-2 Region, one of the default channels is not working (921.2)

After the latest release one of the default frequences of 923-2 region is not working. 923-2 region has 2 default channels: 921.2 and 921.4.

In the Lorawan Frames screen of the Device, we can see uplinks from 921.4 but we can not see uplinks from 921.2. We are seeing both channels’ uplinks in Gateway’s Live Frames screen.
We were seeing the uplinks from 921.2 channel in erlier releases of chirpstack in Device’s Lorawan Frames screen. I think the issue is about the newest release.

Device LoRaWAN MAC version 1.0.2, LoRaWAN Regional Parameters revision B, Default ADR algorithm.

As you can see in below screenshots, 921.2 frequency is missing in device frames.

gateway lorawan frames screen 921.2

gateway lorawan frames screen 921.4

device lorawan frames screen 921.4

Wrong alarm. 923-2 region got 2 default channels: 921.4 and 921.6. We should add channels except these as extra channels in toml file.

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