Abeeway Micro Tracker

Does anyone use the above tracker devices?
I’m trying to get one of them to produce solely GPS Positional data, using the Parameters Configuration

I’ve set both geoloc_sensor and geoloc_method to GPS, but the Positional data is still shown as WiFi.

Anyone got any pointers as to any other Parameters I may need to set?

I know this isn’t technically a LoRa Server issue, just hoping someone may have some experience with these tracker devices

Thank You

Hi Chris,

Sorry i don’t know how to do what you want, but just asking where did you get one, been looking for a site that sell them.


Hi Q_Lion

I think we acquired, on loan, it from a 3rd party, so unfortunately don’t where it ultimately came from.
Not much help sorry.

Cool! no worries :slight_smile: