About JoinRequest Count

Hi everyone, How can I find information about how many JoinRequests are thrown for end-devices that cannot join the server? We want to programmatically get the count of JoinRequests thrown by the end device when it cannot join the Network Server. Is there an API or infrastructure that we can pull from ChirpStack?

Hi Ozgur!

You can check this site for further information about proper device joining procedure.

Thank you but that wasn’t my question, we haven’t problem with end-device connection. I edited the my main question, could you please check it again?

You can set a rulechain in which you count the quantity of times a device sends JoinRequest without proper response.

It is a way to “measure” the connection problems.

Also, if you have many device profiles, you can set different rulechains and this way count the amount of connecting errors of different devices/group of devices.

I would look at the devnonce, it increments by one with each one because you may not receive every join-request.

DevNonce value starts to drop to database after end device join. I want to know the count of join requests it throws whether the end device joins or not. Can you help me with this please? @brocaar

If the gateway doesn’t receive the join-request, do you still want to count it?
What’s wrong with the DevNonce? What does it mean it drops to the database, do you mean it’s dropping and you can’t catch it?

No, I want to know how many join requests were made by the end-device that we saw in the Lorawan Frames area of Chirpstack’s Gateway area and the join requests were displayed on the screen although it couldn’t join the server. Accordingly, the end-device’s software can be changed.