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Hello @brocaar

I got this error when I am assigning MAC commands to the field commands
“Assignment not allowed to repeated field “commands” in protocol message object”
This is my code.

import grpc
from chirpstack_api.ns import NetworkServerServiceStub
from chirpstack_api.ns.ns_pb2 import CreateMACCommandQueueItemRequest

host = "localhost:8000"

channel = grpc.insecure_channel(host)

ns = NetworkServerServiceStub(channel)

macCmd = CreateMACCommandQueueItemRequest()

devStatusReq = bytes.fromhex("06")

linkAdrReq = bytes.fromhex("0357FF0001")
devEUI = "deadbeefdead0001"

# cList = [devStatusReq, linkAdrReq, devStatusReq]

cList = [linkAdrReq]
macCmd.dev_eui = bytes.fromhex(devEUI)