ABP devices initially seen but after reboot not seen or takes some hours before being seen

Using both Heltec Wireless Stick Lite and M5 Stack with LoRaWAN modules we are noticing that when using ABP the devices are initially ‘being seen’ with uplinks coming through without issue. However after rebooting nodes they either do not seem to ‘show up’ on the Application Server again or it can take a prolonged period of time for the node to ‘be seen’ with uplinks coming through. Nothing is showing up on the MQTT application/x/# Monitoring the Gateways show the uplinks being picked up by the Gateways but they are not being picked up by the Application Server. We have other nodes using both ABP and OTAA working apparently without issue. Multiple Gateways are available made by various manufacturers. The frequencies (as default) in the device profiles all look good. If anyone has come across this issue before I would be very grateful for a pointer in the right direction…

It depends on your endnode firmware. and endnode configurarion when it starts after reboot etc.
when the device is in ABP mode, it does not need to send join requests to the network.
you will see the device only after it sends the packet to the network server.

Thanks @eugenev for your response. The node is set to transmit every 900s - frequencies are set 868.1, .3 and .5. I can see the uplinks coming through the Gateway based on the dev address but nothing showing at the Application server side.

How does your node handle frame counter value over reset @stephenb? Do you have frame-counter validation enabled or disabled in device config?

@martin - I have them disabled

Thanks to @martin and @eugenev for their responses. It looks like I have solved the issues - whilst it looked like the same issue with both node types it was in fact the frame counter value on one of them (which I thought I had disabled - but I hadn’t) and the M5 Stack issue was code related. Thanks again for your helpful suggestions.