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can any one tell me the process to clear the error, when the message received , the data was not uplinked to the chripstack, how to clear the error

You can try to test unconfirmed uplink and downlink first.

Are you using Class A or C?

i am using class A but the return acknlodege ment is not received to me,it showes fail always the return message, +EVT:SEND CONFORM FAILED(4), how to clear

Confirmed uplink and downlink work for me.

You can try to send an unconfirmed DOWNLINK (yes, downlink) to the node.
I guess something is wrong with the downlink.

I guess the default RX1_Delay and RX2_Delay do not fit you.

Which LMIC library and LoRaWAN region are you using?

i am working with arduino ide , where and also facing another issues, now when i make the module on sleep mode, i am waking up on interrupt, but its not wakeing up for the OTAA period to uplink the data

i am using IN865 and also arduino ide, rak wisblock

You can try with the commercial gateways and nodes first.
If OK, then use DIY nodes.

Generally, the DIY nodes will need to go to the library github to ask.

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