Access local NS from WAN

I have setup a NS running on a local machine on my LAN. I need to connect a gateway which is not part of my LAN. Which ports do I need to forward in my router? The gateway bridge is installed on the same local machine, and I’m using default ports with semtech udp packet forwarder.

Please have a look at the ChirpStack architecture - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN<sup>®</sup> Network Server
Depending on the backend you are using to connect gw-bridge and NS you will have to open different ports.

For a Demo/Test I assume you are using MQTT, so the either port 1883 (MQTT), 8883 (MQTT over TLS), 80/443 (Websockets) and the IP of the MQTT Broker need to be reachable from the gw-bridge and the network server.

If the gw-bridge is not running inside the gateway, you have to open the ports you configured in the gateway and the gw-bridge. If I remember correctly it should be 1700/UDP.

In any case, please read the documentation and configuration file of the different components carefully. Most of the information should be there.

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Thanks. I got it working by forwarding port 1700.