Actility LoRa Express Gateway setup with Chirpstack

anyone performed the setup to connect Actility indoor gateway with Chirpstack, any specific steps to use?


Could you maybe share some details / links of this gateway? :slight_smile:

The gateway being purchased from Actility, the ufspace indoor gateway. is there any possibility to get this gateway connected to Chirpstack servers?


All you need to do to connect a gateway to chirpstack is:

  1. Configure the LoRa Service (packet forwarder) to send packets to the FQDN/IP address of your Chirpstack instance.

  2. Set the port to 1700

  3. Get the ID of the gateway from the device (This is usually in the same area as where you setup the packet forwarder)

  4. Add a gateway to Chirpstack adding the id you received from the gateway.

I don’t know these gateways. As it is branded Actility, it may be “network locked” (i.e. this packet forwarding section removed from the manufacturers default interface.

If you still stuck, screen grab all the interfaces (or most importantly the one talking about LoRa service/packet forwarder) and post here. Otherwise, not having seing the interface, it is kind of like the blind leading the blind… :slight_smile: