Activation State on Migration from v3 to v4

i prepare a bigger migration from Chirpstack v3 to v4,
i used this guide (v3 to v4 migration - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN® Network Server documentation).
But after a successful run of the tool the device activation was not migrated, is this a error or a bug?
Did i there something wrong?
I’ve seen no error message or something more, at this point i prepare the migration so i could rerun the migration.
By the way, is the activation entry in the postgre database or in the redis database?

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i let a few different Migrations run, everytime with the same result.
The Devices would be created and all settings correctly imporated, but i have to activate each device again.
But i have a few thousands of device so im not able to activate each device by hand.

Is there a way to migrate the activation state or did i something wrong on the migration?


Maybe you could make a script to activate your devices using the gRPC API?

May be he means he needs to reboot the nodes to rejoin with new keys.

As the migration may not move the session keys over to new Chirpstack server.

The script should migrate all the device-sessions (that can be found) such that devices will continue to work.

If this doesn’t work, I suggest trying to isolate the issue. E.g. do a test migration of an environment where you have a single device to see if the device-migration has been migrated and if not, if the migration script logged any errors.

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