"Active gateways" issue in dashboard

As you can see in the attached screenshoot I’m having an issue with the dashboard. I’ve got two gateways; both are actives as seen in the map, but the gauge says that one of them is inactive.
Moreover “Device data rate usage” doesn’t reflects some messages with DR0.

My versions are
ii chirpstack-application-server 3.14.0 armhf
ii chirpstack-gateway-bridge 3.10.0 armhf
ii chirpstack-network-server 3.12.3 armhf

Thanks in advance

We have the same problem in our production after moving to chirpstack-application-server 3.15
After digging in codes, we find a way to troubleshoot this issue:

We find out that in our gateways table : all gateway items has gateway_profile_id column empty.
After setting this id to the good one, the dashboard works correctly.

Where can I find this configuration? Thank you!

Please create a gateway-profile and then assign it to your gateway (gateway configuration).