Add custom metadata to Gateway statistics

Forgive me for dumb question, but where I can find the chirpstack-mqtt-forwarder.toml file? - on the gateway itself? if so, should I have chirpstack forwarder installed, or any other is suitable? now I have the bundle from RakWireless, it is built around the semtech forwarder I guess. Obviously there are no configs named chirpstack there

Objective: I want to send few additional stats for each gateway (cpu temp, disk usage, uptime…). Part of my questions already answered here. Remaining part of the question is, should I reinstall my existing forwarder on each gateway and install Chirpstack forwarder instead?

To put it simply, yes, you need either chirpstack-gateway-bridge or chirpstack-mqtt-forwarder installed on each gateway.

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Thanks Martin. Will give it a try

Sorry for replying late.

So I decided to go with the Chirpstack Gateway Bridge option on the gateway following this article

I have put localhost (tried as well) instead of my chirpstack IP in global_conf.json

Next, for integration, in Chirpstack Gateway Bridge toml file (on the gateway), I assume this is the part where i should put my chirpstack IP

On server part, I see the mqtt port is open and listening

Still, gateway is offline.

I have not tried the other option - Chirpstack MQTT Forwarder yet, as I do not see Raspberry or Debian in the supported list

Any hint please?

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