Add devices with session key

Hi. How can I transfer devices from IOT Vega Server to ChirpStack with session keys so as not to re-register devices

The latest ChirpStack Application Server test-version allows you to activate an OTAA device like you would activate an ABP device. This allows you to import an OTAA device and then call the activation endpoint in the API to set the session-keys (and frame-counters).

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I sent data to /api/devices/323535326f385f0b/activate
Received response code 200
I see Device address, Network session key (LoRaWAN 1.0), Application session key (LoRaWAN 1.0), Uplink frame-counter and Downlink frame-counter (network) on tab Activation
But there are no packages from the device

I managed to transfer the device from one chirpstack server to another chirpstack server . But the downlink does not work.
I get the following errors when confirming
“error”: “frame-counter did not increment”,
and the following error when sending data
“error”: “TX_FREQ”,
TX freq are set equal on both servers