Add link network server error

When I add NS(like ip:port).It is OK.

But use “localhost:port”.It is error.


If so,the server’s host ip change, the server will be don’t work???

In that case you need to setup a DNS record which points to :slight_smile: Alternatively you can edit /etc/hosts and configure the hostname => IP translation there. Please note that localhost:8000 does not translate to hence the error.

app server use either “ip:port” or “localhost:port” is Ok.

I use docker,so lora server and app server running on the same computer.

app server:
ip:port OK
localhost:port OK
when it add lora server.
ip:port can be added.
localhost:port can’t be added.

I run lora server. on the explorer,neither “ip:port” nor “localhost:port” can runing OK,but the notices are different.

Could you help me???