Add Network server error (object already exists)

Hello! I came across the problem after upgrading the App Server from the old version 0.15.0.
I can not add the second Network Server using UI.

I want to use different servers to test different regional parameters, but the same application server.

When I try to add the server the system alerts:
“Error context deadline exceeded (code: 2)” if the server is offline
“Error rpc error: code = AlreadyExists desc = object already exists (code: 2)” if the server is online.
It does not matter, if the first server is online or not, it just do not allow to add extra server.
The first server: localhost:8000
The second server: localhost:9000

Is it normal?

UPD. Current versions: app server 1.0.1, network server 1.0.0.

Are both LoRa Server instances using a separate database? If not, then that is probably your issue as they should not share the same state.

If that is not the case, could you share a bit more log output of both LoRa App Server and LoRa Server?

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brocaar, thank you for reply!

Yes, I tried to use the same DB for LoRa Server instances.
Now I created a separate DB and it works.
Thanks you again!

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