Add the current user to certain logs

Hi, is it possible to add the current user to some logs? I believe this is an extremely important feature if chirpstack is to be used in commercial projects developed by a team, since the added traceability may help in fixing honest mistakes sooner, and even prevent some malicious activity.

The two areas it would be beneficial are:

  • Successful and unsuccessful grpc logins calls. Many unsuccessful logins may indicate a brute force attack.
  • Any grpc call that changes any component, such as adding or removing devices, enabling or disabling frame counter validation, adding a new application, changing the HTTP integration URL, etc. Again, this can help highlight where mistakes are happening and why, and also deter malicious activity

Personally, I’m interested in this feature because I’m using Chirpstack in an application which handles sensitive user data and I need to keep a close eye on where the data is going for legal reasons.

Thank you for developing and maintaining such an awesome project!

Not exactly what you are asking, but please note that in the logs you will see a ctx_id. The same ID is returned in the API / gRPC responses for correlation between the API responses and the logs.

Adding the current user to the logs is currently not something that is supported.

Thank you for your response. I will look into the ctx_id fields.

Is there any interest in developing this feature in the future? If so, I’d be glad to be a tester. I would offer help coding but I’m not familiar enough with Go.