addGWMetaData in v4 API

Now that there is no linger a ServiceProifle (I assume because there’s no longer a need to link applications and gateways to a network Server) where do the attributes that used to be in the ServiceProfile get set ?

In particular I’m looking for addGWMetaData - but a pointer to how all of the attributes were remapped would be useful - maybe as part of the v4 breaking changes info:v4 breaking changes

Most of the configuration has been moved to the region_XXXXX.toml configuration files.

The gateway metadata can be found here:

Thanks Brocaar - I probably didn’t ask the question as clearly as I could have.

The metadata I’m looking for is the additional items that used to be added into each uplink message when “addGWMetaData” was set to true in the ServiceProfile (rssi, LoRaSNR).

I saw that the Gateway create now takes a list of metadata key/values pairs - but the UI describes these as if they are properties of the gateway rather than the per uplink data:

"Metadata is pushed by the gateway on every stats update and can be used to expose information about the gateway like ip / hostname, serial number, HAL version. "

I see now that these are included by default in the payload - so this thread can be closed

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