Adding a 2nd gateway to Pi3 based Gateway-OS possible?

I got the newest Gateway OS (3.3.3) running on IMST Lite Gateway.
That works.

To experiment, I want to add a 2nd Gateway to the Pi3 based Networkserver?
I have set my MikroTik Wap8 to send packages up/down to the IP of the Lite-Gateway. (192.168.xx.xx ports 1700). I also added a 2nd Gateway in the Pi3 based NetworkServer, with the GAteway-ID matching the MikroTik ID. But the MikroTik never shows an active gateway status.

I understand it needs to run over the Pi3 internal Gateway-Bridge. Wouldn’t sending/receivung from ports 1700 accomplish that?

Is this setup even possible?


I am not a user of Gateway OS, so I can’t give you the nitty-gritty details, but yes, this should be possible. Common practice is to run many gateways connected to the same network/app servers.

You should be able to configure a second gateway with either:

  • the gateway bridge running on the gateway, connected to the MQTT server in use by your network server. (preferred)
  • point the second gateway’s packet forwarder at the gateway bridge running alongside your network server.

You would will need to take interfaces, ports, and potentially firewalls into account to get the connectivity you are looking for.

That’s what I did since I can’t install gateway bridge on Mikrotik Gateway.

But I wonder about the Gateway bridge running on the Pi. It might be crippled, just like the GatewayOS is (in comparsion to Raspian)

It is exactly the same ChirpStack Gateway Bridge binary :slight_smile: My recommendation would be to connect the second gateway to the MQTT broker running on the ChirpStack Gateway OS gateway.

Thanks for your suggestion brocaar,

If I understand correct, then for that I would need to run gateway-bridge on my 2nd gateway.
It’s a MikroTik LoRa8 WAP, so I don’t think I can do this, and I’m stuck with its UDP-forwarder.