Adding built package OpenWRT feeds


I got nebra helium miner for next to nothing and I tried flashing ChirpStack since it has Raspberry Pi 3+ compute module but the ethernet port was not working, so I flashed vanilla OpenWRT and lan port started working, so there probably a driver missing in the ChripstackOS build.
But how do I now install chirpstack packages on to OpenWRT?
I saw there there is OpenWRT feed repository but could not find a feed for already compiled packages that I could just add to already running OpenWRT system.

Such feed does not exist. The ChirpStack Gateway OS images come with these packages pre-installed.

Why? Future plans? Not the priority at the time or are there some technical challenge like packet compatibility?
What is packet update process? Re Flashing entire device?

Iā€™m not planning to host an OpenWrt package feed for ChirpStack. There are too many platforms that I then would need to support. As well, sometimes there is more needed than the ipk packet only to make everything work together.

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Hosting feed for OpenWRT would be a little much, however people can add a custom feed to the package manger list and you could have that feed added to Chipstack OS this way you do not need support all the architectures but users can get updates easily.