Adding Device to Chirpstack


I have a Milesight UG63 that is setup to forward data to my Chirpstack V4 instance, i can see the gateway live and online receiving data

I’ve added my milesight UC300 and its active but not seeing any of the modbus data using this codec >

MY question is, i am also using Milesight IOT cloud, when i added my UC300 to chirpstack using the same applicationID its now dropped off my milesight iot cloud system, can i not add both using the same appid?

Reboot your node to force a rejoin to Chirpstack.

The problem is, its connecting to chirpstack, but losing connection to milesight iot hub, rebooting did not help

A device can only be activated on a single Network Server. You should never activate a device on two different NS instances.

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