ADR disable channel question

Hi, we’ve been running the system in test mode for several months now, and I have a question. Since I’m in the US, we have a boatload of channels, but still have gateways (that are not crazy expensive) that are 8 channel. we’re using 8,9,10,11,14,15,16,17,64, but seem to be missing packets that I think are on different channels.

So my question is this: Does the loraserver tell the device to disable all the channels and then enable the ones that I have in the loraserver config?


In any case, I can’t tell what’s going on because when I expand the packet in the raw frame log it only goes up to 15. I also see three separate items in the fOpts collection that I’m trying to make sense of. I’ll do some more digging, but if anyone has some extra brains on this, it would be appreciated.



Yes, that should let LoRa Server request using an LinkADRReq to change its channels. Note that not all devices implement this properly. E.g. some devices don’t accept this Mac-command when ADR is turned off (which is incorrect behaviour).

This is further documented in the LoRaWAN Regional Parameters for your region: LoRaWAN for Developers - LoRa Alliance®