ADR minimum and maximum allowed data rate settings

Under the ‘Service Profile’ section of the LoRa Server setup, there two fields for setting the min and max ADR values. What should these values be between?

Is it ‘data rate’ 1-7, or ‘physical bitrate’? 250-50000 in EU and

Is it ‘data rate’ 1-13, or ‘physical bitrate’? 980-21900 in the US?

Or something else?

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Data-rate as defined by the LoRaWAN Regional Parameters, thus for example min 0, max 5 for EU.

Great thanks.

For the US, the LoRaWAN Regional Parameters state that a data rate of 0 - 4 is allowed, then 5-7 is Reserved for Future Use (RFU) then 8-13 are available as well. Can I set two sets of ranges? Or do I need to choose 0-4, or 8-13 in the Service Profile?

ADR controls the uplink data-rate, so for the US band you should be fine to set this to 0 - 4 (note that the ADR engine currently does not use the min data-rate value, only the max dr value. nevertheless it is good to set it already).

Does the minimum data rate work yet? I have a bunch of US sensors that are content to use DR0 and I’d like to bump them to DR1 via ADR.


Sorry for “reviving” this topic after 2 years but I’m trying to get this specific information right for a thesis I’m writing which involves the use of ChirpStack.
I have examined the last version of the LoRaWAN Regional Parameters document and for what concerns the transmissions, I haven’t found any restriction within the datarates proposed (DR0-DR7).

The only thing that resembles what you are referring to is in the “EU863-870 Receive windows” paragraph, i.e.:
463 By default, the RX1 receive window uses the same channel as the preceding uplink. The data
464 rate is a function of the uplink data rate and the RX1DROffset as given by the following table.
465 The allowed values for RX1DROffset are in the [0:5] range. Values in the [6:7] range are
466 reserved for future use.

Am I missing something and 0-5 should be still considered the range to use in the data rate settings…?