ADR not working - Chirpstack V4

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I could not find anything about ADR and problem with it. I have problem with ADR and Acrios LoRaWAN pulse counter where signal and SNR is bad but DNS is not changing DR. It is always DR5 (SF7) and due to bad SNR and relatively good RSSI NS is not putting stronger DR.

ADR is on on all devices, on event on NS ADR is true but it is not changing DR. What am I doing wrong? what did I configure wrong?

I know I can put fix ADR on device but I would like to do that automatically over NS.

note: devices are connected to water meters and placed in water meter shaft, that is why signal is bad. Installation of external antennas is not possible due to cars and pedestrians.

Hi that isn’t a bad signal have a look at the below article.
Also the LNS doesn’t drop the DR it’s the end-device.
The LNS only increases DR when end-device is showing a good signal.
You might want to consider provisioning the device with DR4 that will give you some headway.
The LNS will then decide to increase the DR of the end-device after a number of uplinks of a good signal.


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