ADR on Lora app server v 0.13.2

We are trying out the ADR feature on version 0.13.2 of the LoRa App Server and can’t seem to get it to work 100%. The ADR field is set to 1 on the server but there is no change on the device end. Looking at the MQTT stream neither is any TX message being sent from the gateway.

When doing a power cycle on the device and rejoining we got the ADR to work. So to the questions:

  • Is there a need from the server for the device the renew the session i.e perform a new join?
  • Are there any other conditions that trigger the ADR?
  • Exactly how experimental is the feature?(There seems to be some conflicting information :smile: )

As an ending note: Amazing server!

Please note that in the versions < 0.14 (released last week, not yet available in the Debian repo) you would configure an interval in which the ADR engine kicks in (e.g. every 20 frames). In 0.14+ this has been removed and the ADR engine will kick in immediately when needed. See also:

In your case, the ADR engine kicks in when:

  • The interval is set to a value > 0
  • The uplink data frame contains adr: true (this is configured at the device)
  • The frame-counter is a multiple of the interval value

Hope that helps :slight_smile: In case you would like to test out the latest version, that would be much appreciated! In the above link you’ll find the commands to upgrade (should be a couple of minutes work).

Thank you for the answer!

We are going to upgrade to the latest server in maybe 1-2 weeks. We have an upcoming deadline relaying on some external tools and integrations built for the old API/gRPC and currently, dont have the time to look at the changes made in the latest update.

I’ll give a shout back here or add my feedback on another thread when we have tried it out.

Have a nice weekend!

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