ADR shouldn't work for ClassA nodes activated with OTAA

Hi dear brocaar. I’m trying to test ADR for OTAA, But I saw the source code of loraser/adr.go.

ns.ADRIntervarl should be set 0 when the node re-activated with OTAA, so there will return nil, is that?

I add log output for log node’s default arguments when the node re-activated with OTAA,

then we can see the logs, when nodes re-activated with OTAA.

入网请求时,AS给定的初始值信息 AdrInterval=0 DisableFCntCheck=false InstallationMargin=0 NwkSKey=[110 80 35 204 40 233 200 244 137 250 131 175 121 88 227 33] Rx1DROffset=0 Rx2DR=0 RxDelay=0 RxWindow=RX1

WARN[0013] there is nothing to do for ADR fullFCnt=0 macPL.FHDR.FCtrl.ADR=true ns.ADRInterval=0

this is full logs Screenshots

Please update to the latest version :slight_smile: It includes some changes to ADR and this code is not present anymore.

Okay, i will soon update to the latest version. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: