Algorithm to show region for gateway

Hi all,
I have 1 gateway in 1 site keep switching between AS923 and AS923_2.
The MQTT topic prefix and ports for two regions in ChirpStack and ChirpStack Gateway Bridge are different.

AS923 and AS923_2 have overlapping frequencies. Is is the cause?
Or some nodes are in AS923 and some nodes are in AS923_2?
How Chirpstack reliably detects if a gateway is using a region and another overlapping region?

Other sites are OK.

Thanks a lot for your advice.

It detects it based on the region_…toml configuration. Could it be that both region configurations have the same MQTT prefix? In that case it would mean that the same uplink is handled twice which would explain why the region constantly changes.

Each region should either have its own MQTT broker or topic prefix.


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