AMQP Integration for v4

What is the planned timing for AMQP integration in Chirpstack v4?

It is already there :slight_smile:

  # AMQP / RabbitMQ integration configuration.

    # Server URL.
    # See for a specification of all the possible options:

    # Event routing key.
    # This is the event routing-key template used when publishing device
    # events. Messages will be published to the "amq.topic" exchange.

    # Use JSON encoding instead of Protobuf (binary).

Excellent! I asked because the docs say it’s planned for a future release.

Is there more to the [integration.amqp] section? For example:

  • How to define the downlink topic and the queue to consume it from?
  • How to determine what exchange events are published to?
  • How to set publish options?

Also, is there an example of the message content that is published? And what is expected on a downlink?

Currently it does not provide downlink functionality (neither did the v3 AMQP integration).

I believe it is published to the amq.topic exchange, on the topic as configured in the config file. Please see for a list of example events: Event types - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN® Network Server documentation.

Based on json=true or json=false, the payloads are encoded as json or Protobuf.

Ah, OK. Then it’s not really a viable alternative to MQTT. Any thoughts about enhancing the AMQP integration?