AMQP integration timestamping


I am currently running a Chirpstack (AS 3.17.6 and NS 3.16.2) server and using the HTTP integration to send the data to our application. Now I would like to use AMQP (rabbitmq) instead of http to allow message queuing for later processing in case of server or database temporal unavailability.

The problem I am facing is there is no timestamp field on the received json, so if the message processing is delayed for any reason I don’t know the timestamp it was received by LoRaWAN gateways. According to the documentation it should appear at least timestamp in rxInfo array, it does appear on HTTP integration but not on the amqp one.

I am using kerlink gateways with gps receiver (lat/lon and altitude is working correctly). Any idea why is this happening and how to resolve it?

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Ok, I found the solution. By default the marshaller in application_server.integration is json_v3. Changing to json now it works as expected.