[Ann] OpenAquila: open loraserver based server for US 915 band

Hi, guys. I’m happy to announce that we are opening a loraserver based solution called OpenAquila for the US 915 band. We are from Chile, but of course anybody whose country uses this band may register freely to use it too. Also, we’ll consider adding other bands in the future.

It is built on top of @brocaar’s latest versions, and will be kept up to date with the master branches of loraserver and lora-app-server. That way we may all help testing recent changes and the LoRaWAN 1.1 support :grinning:.

The platform does not include traffic limitations as TTN’s fair use policy, but we do have limited amount of devices, which are 3 per organization by default but are increased by 7 for every gateway you connect to the network, which encourages to help with coverage. These limits are kind of arbitrary and could change soon, so stay tuned.

Finally, you may forward your packages directly from the gateway to our lora-gateway-bridge, or have your own bridge communicate with our loraserver. In the former case, just point your packet forwarder to the host openaquila.com and udp ports 1700. In the latter, set these at your bridge’s conf:

server: tcp://openaquila.com:1883
user: openaquila_gw
pass: W3qFe6QRHu

That’s it. I hope this helps and you enjoy it. Just head to https://openaquila.com to start using it!


That is awesome @iegomez! :tada:


Hi! Just wanted to let every one know that we added support for EU 433, EU 863-870 and AU 915-928 bands at https://openaquila.com. We have only tried them simulating devices, as we don’t own gateways for those bands nor may use those frequencies here, so if anyone wants to give them a test, that’d be great.


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I’ve updated all OpenAquila modules to the current master branches, which correspond to v3 tests.

You may point your Semtech packet forwarder or basic station to our gateway bridges using the following ports, or run your own lora-gateway-bridge pointing to the broker at openaquila.com:1883 with the correct mqtt topic templates:

   |      Band      |   Packet forwarder port   |   Basic station port   |                      Event topic                               |                     Command topic                 |   
   |   AU_915_928   |            1700           |          3001          |   au_915_928/gateway/{{ .GatewayID }}/event/{{ .EventType }}   |   au_915_928/gateway/{{ .GatewayID }}/command/#   |   
   |   US_902_928   |            1701           |          3002          |   us_902_928/gateway/{{ .GatewayID }}/event/{{ .EventType }}   |   us_902_928/gateway/{{ .GatewayID }}/command/#   |   
   |   EU_433       |            1702           |          3003          |   eu_433/gateway/{{ .GatewayID }}/event/{{ .EventType }}       |   eu_433/gateway/{{ .GatewayID }}/command/#       |   
   |   EU_863_870   |            1703           |          3004          |   eu_863_870/gateway/{{ .GatewayID }}/event/{{ .EventType }}   |   eu_863_870/gateway/{{ .GatewayID }}/command/#   |    


Awesome! :slight_smile: If you run into any issues with regards to the v3 test release, please let me know. Planning to release a v3 stable soon (but there is still an Azure related issue I need to fix first).

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