Any help appreciated

dial tcp: lookup default on server misbehaving (code: 2) i am getting this error while using Chirpstack application web front end - Gateways

Not sure what that’s supposed to be, but it seems like misconfigured DNS.

RRO[0506] finished unary call with code Unknown ctx_id=90628141-0375-44e2-94cc-8c07076225fa error=“rpc error: code = Unknown desc = dial tcp: lookup default on server misbehaving” grpc.code=Unknown grpc.method=GetStats grpc.service=api.GatewayService grpc.start_time=“2022-10-18T10:13:56+05:30” grpc.time_ms=55 peer.address=“” span.kind=server system=grpc

Getting this error when creating Gateway using Chirpstack Application Front end
Chirpstack version v3
Chirpstack-application server-
Chirpstack-network server -
chirpstack-redis,Postgresql, MQTT server -
Chirpstack - gateway-bridge installed on - Server)

Problem Solved
Steps taken:

  1. Reinstalled Chirpstack v4
  2. Able to See both Pycom+Lopy4 based Nano Gateway and Pi3+RakWireless(2245) based gateway